Ashgrove Renovation

This project started off with a water ingress issue, prior to our Clients purchasing this house the property had been renovated and there were issues that were put in the too hard basket for anyone to solve.

Main Layne took on the hard task jobs of resolving the building issues with the existing property and went on to build the dream forever home for these Clients. The Clients wanted a home that they could live in now, in retirement and then also have accommodation for a live-in nurse/carer for when the time came they could not manage independently.

The house was located in the incredible St Johns Wood Ashgrove area where the block sloped down to the beds of Breakfast Creek lapping on their back doorsteps. A difficult building site where access for heavy equipment was impossible, we built an access ramp and winch system to allow us to manage and work around the landscape and build a large entertaining deck with plunge pool – bigger than most homes, a studio flat tucked in and under the bottom level of the existing 2 storey home, replacement 2 decks at the rear and a 3 storey passenger lift. We also had the pleasure of designing and completing all the structural landscaping, with terracing meandering paths and platforms from the front Street entry down to the very bottom the creek bed area.

This is the job that you always want to be on for the Challenge, the Freedom of Creativeness, a great relationship with Clients and the BEST working environment where the Bush Turkeys made more mess than we did!

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